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Culturon: Cultural Communication Consulting


Philosophy and Origin
Consulting Services
Consultant Profile

Curriculum Vitae


General Data:

Name           : Johannes Cornelis (Hans) van Nieuwkerk

Nationality    : Dutch, partially living in Hungary, partially in Croatia


Language skills: Dutch, English, German, French, Hungarian, Spanish

                 (in following order of competence)


Experience     : Development: Creating concepts, visions and strategies on

                 future opportunities by bridging content and technology.

                 Pioneering: Getting things to work from scratch without

                 knowing in advance which problems will be on the way.

                 Culture: Designing frameworks to understand and adapt to

                 intercultural differences.


Personality    : Pioneer, creative, practical, solution and content

                 driven, converting complexity into simplicity,

                 independent, enthusiastic, inspiring, communicator,

                 motivator, leader, fundamental, visionary, strategist.


Websites       : http://www.culturon.com,




Professional experience record:

1987-date      : Self-employed

Locations      : The Hague, Rotterdam, Budapest, Sibenik

Company        : Ma`at Information Projects Ltd.

Position       : 1987-date. Owner/Consultant

Description    : Development of cultural communication models; development

                 of media concepts and formats; licensing of concept

                 copyrights; realization of new media projects; consulting

                 on strategic media positioning; project management.


Projects       : 1989-date. Various non-media related short-term

                 assignments/contributions to general innovation and

                 business projects. Contributions range from matchmaking

                 activities to investment opportunity consulting and

                 strategy development advice. Project involvement

                 is on a general management sparring partner level and

                 consists mostly of incidental problem solving advice

                 or of contributions to future business positioning.

                 A number of activities is listed at


                 2006-date. Mobisub; subtitling presentation format

                 development for mobile devices. The Mobisub format can

                 be universally applied for traditional subtitling, live

                 subtitling and ticker-tapes.


                 2005-date. Culturon; consulting on the implementation of

                 cultural communication models. The models used have been

                 developed by observation and participation during

                 extensive traveling. The models represent an information

                 science approach to culture and have been finalized in



                 2004-date. TV-Windows “live” Subtitling; concept

                 development for improving the balance between a

                 television program being broadcast and its subtitles;

                 this way improving the stability and readability.

                 Project status: under negotiation with various

                 broadcasters and organizations representing deaf

                 or hard of hearing people.


                 2003-date. DVB-Windows; concept development for

                 generating Teletext based interactivity and cross-media

                 facilities in “zapper” type DVB set top boxes.

                 Project status: presentations held at various DVB-T

                 operators, at potentially interested technology partners

                 and at a CTAG (Commercial Television Application Group)

                 conference in London.


                               2000-date. TV-Windows ITV and distant learning; concept

                 development for generating ticker tape, quiz, betting,

                 voting and auction facilities for ordinary analogue

                 television sets. Project status: operational third party

                 implementation at the national Belgium broadcaster VRT;

                 negotiations with other broadcasters; various conference

                 presentations; exhibited at IBC 2002 and Miptv/Milia



                 2000-2004 MTM-SBS TV-Windows Cross-Media; concept

                 development, implementation and project management for

                 generating cross-media relationships between a television

                 broadcast and an Internet portal website. Project status:

                 the SBS pilot project has been successfully implemented

                 at TV2 in Hungary. 


                 2000-2000 Gouden Gids Yellow Pages TLD; concept and

                 strategy development for migration of the printed Dutch

                 yellow pages Gouden Gids to a future Internet based

                 format. Project status: not implemented. VNU publishers

                 has meanwhile sold their yellow pages activities.


                 1998-date. Worldmap of Information Philosophy; the

                 development of intercultural communication models based

                 on personal world-wide research and travel experience.

                 Project status: manuscript for a book on the subject;

                 manuscript still under further development.


                 1998-1998 Clavisat Player Piano Network; concept

                 development for the future market positioning of acoustic

                 pianos. Project status: negotiations have been held in

                 Japan with the Yamaha musical instrument division. Yamaha

                 decided not to implement the concept.


                 1995-1997 Hannoversche Leben Teleberatung; implementation

                 and project management for selling life insurances via a

                 (previously developed) television and telephony based

                 collaboration tool. Project status: successfully



                 1994-1996 Aquarell Television; concept development,

                 implementation and project management for “background”

                 and cross-media television. Aquarell created a local

                 direct marketing television environment. Project status:

                 successfully implemented at DKZ in Bremen and Bremerhaven

                 in Germany


                 1994-1994 Platform Television; concept development for

                 the Dutch railroad company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS).

                 Project status: the concept has been partially

                 implemented by third parties as a pilot project at the

                 Eindhoven railroad station.


                 1993-1995 Wegener Cable Newspapers; consulting on the

                 future market positioning of the 24 local editions of

                 the Wegener newspaper television channels reaching over

                 3 million viewers.


                 1992-1992 Access Russia; consulting to Access Innovations

                 Inc. for the Access Russia scientific information

                 publishing project; participation in project negotiations

                 in Moscow; participation in the first international

                 online information conference in Russia.


                 1990-1994 Centraal Beheer Kijktelefoon; concept

                 development, implementation and project management at

                 the largest direct writing insurance company in Europe;

                 Centraal Beheer in The Netherlands. Kijktelefoon

                 (Teleadvice) is a collaboration tool which enables a

                 potential insurance customer to consult an insurance

                 adviser by phone and television simultaneously. Project

                 status: successfully implemented.


                 1988-1990 Private World-trip; organization of a World

                 trip by car through Northern Africa (2 months), Eastern

                 Europe and Russia (4 months), United States/Canada (5

                 months) and Mexico/Central America (3 months); by plane

                 Japan (1 month), Thailand/Indonesia (2 months).


                 1987-1988 Information World Review; publishing, editing

                 and distribution of the international professional

                 newspaper Information World Review (Dutch edition) in

                 co-operation with Learned Information Ltd. in Oxford UK.


1979-1987      : Employee

Locations      : Soesterberg, Zeist, Delft

Company        : The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific

                 Research (TNO)


Positions      : 1986-1987 Managing Director of the Information

                 Intermediary Bureau bv. (IBB) in Delft (IBB was a 50%/50%

                 joint venture between TNO and the Wolters Samsom

                 publishing group) responsible for organizing the national

                 participation in international online information



                 1982-1985 Marketing Manager at the Centre for Information

                 and Documentation (CID-TNO) in Delft. CID-TNO offered

                 brokerage services in the field of online information.

                 At CID-TNO an online information collaboration tool named

                 Telesearch was developed.


                 1979-1982 Statistical Analyst/Computer Programmer in the

                 department of traffic research at the Institute for

                 Perception TNO (IZF-TNO), Soesterberg.



Institution    : University of Utrecht

Date           : 1980-1981

Degree         : LL.B. (Kandidaats) in International Law

Institution    : HEAO-Arnhem

Date           : 1976-1979

Degree         : B.A. in Marketing (Diploma C.E.)


Membership of professional associations:

                 Member of the Commercial Television Application Group

                 (CTAG); previously member of the Institute of Information

                 Scientists (IIS); previously member of the Association

                 for Global Strategic Information (AGSI).


1995           : Germany, “Das Goldene Telefon” for the best consumer

                 information telephone service. Customer: Hannoversche

                 Leben, TV channel: RTL+.

1992           : The Netherlands, Nominations for the best automation and

                 for the best information project. Customer: Centraal

                 Beheer, TV channel: RTL4.

1992           : The Netherlands, Direct marketing award for inventiveness

                 "De Meetlat". Customer: Centraal Beheer, TV channel:




2006, Amsterdam: CTAG (Commercial Television Application Group)

                 conference: The potential of Classical Teletext

                 and TV-Windows in a Mobile TV Environment.

2005, Brussels : CTAG (Commercial Television Application Group)

                 conference: The commercial potential of TV-Windows.

2004, Budapest : EGTA (European Group of Television Advertising)

                 Budapest academy: Interactivity starts today, don’t

                 wait until tomorrow.

2003, London   : CTAG (Commercial Television Application Group)

                 conference: DVB-Windows, an open initiative to use the

                 Analog Interactive Teletext toolbox in the Digital World.

2002, Vienna   : EGTA (European Group of Television Advertising)

                 conference on cross media: Using Teletext as a media

                 bridge between Television and …


Publications:    (because of licensing reasons, media related concepts are

                  not published)

1992           : Information conversion an organizational model for the

                 1990s. In the AGSI (Association for Global Strategic

                 Information) journal.

1987           : Contributions for and editing of the international

                 professional newspaper Information World Review (Dutch



Hobbies:         Traveling, sailing, playing piano, collecting records.

Contact: Culturon, J.C. van Nieuwkerk, Phone: +44 79 3704 7777
Copyright 2005-2007 J.C. van Nieuwkerk. All rights reserved.